Why Roaches In Your Yard At Night

Why Roaches In Your Yard At Night (How To Get Rid Of Them)

This post’s main purpose is to educate you on why roaches in your yard at night, and also to give you reasons why they are there. As well as how to get rid of roaches in the yard, you’ll learn hacks and tips.

Have you ever wondered why you see cockroaches outside your house at night?

During the night, you can see these roaches crawling on the grass lawn, mulch, and even on the porch.

The reason why roaches are in your yard at night is explained in this guide. Learn about the types of roaches that infest yards and the sources of yard roaches.

Also included in this guide are the best roach killers for lawns and yards. Also you can find in our post how 5 Baby Roaches Looking Like Bugs

Why Roaches in your Yard At Night: 3 Reasons

The presence of yard roaches or grass roaches is a sign that you have a roach infestation thriving in your backyard. And unless you eliminate them in your yard, they will eventually infest your home.

How to get roaches out of your yard will be explained later in the post. Now that we know why there are roaches in our yard, let’s figure out how to get rid of them.

Your Yard Is Damp And Dirty

Mud and dirt are ideal conditions for roaches. It’s a sure sign both insects are in your yard if you see roaches in it.

A cockroach doesn’t just eat human food in your kitchen. Cockroaches will eat anything, including their dead, to survive.

Roaches will feed on decaying wood, foliage, composts, and even trash from your yard’s trash can.

The roaches will eat the scum and waste stuck in drains and catch basins in your yard.

Your yard becomes a breeding ground for roaches when it is wet. The higher the dampness, the better it is for roaches.

Around these damp places, cockroaches build their nests. It can be caused by anything from overwatering your yard to inadequate drainage systems.

Adding wet potholes to your lawn makes things worse for you and worse for roaches.

It is not only roaches that thrive in a damp, dirty, and poorly managed yard, but also ants and termites that thrive there as well.

There Are Places In Your Yard Where Roaches Can Hide

Seeing roaches in your yard also indicates that your yard has hiding places for roaches. As well as providing cockroaches with food, your yard is also providing them with a place to rest during the day.

The cockroaches in the yard hide in gaps and cracks on the walls, under stones, in the woodpiles, catch basins, and even under the plant pots.

The hiding places are generally damp and moist during the day. Therefore, your yard is a prime place for roaches to hide.

Cockroaches Are Nocturnal

Cockroaches are nocturnal, and they carry out their foraging activities at night.

Roaches will emerge from their hiding places after sunset. In your yard, they’ll appear in all kinds of places, even on the patio.

During the night, roaches search for food and new hiding places. This is when they can get inside your home.

If you see roaches in your yard at night, it is only a matter of time before your home is infested with cockroaches.

What type of roaches live in your yard

Wood cockroaches and Asian cockroaches (also known as lawn roaches) are two common types of roaches in the yard.

There is no guarantee that other species of roaches will not inhabit your yard.

You can also find different types of roaches in your yard, such as American roaches, German roaches, brown-banded roaches, and oriental roaches.

Wood roaches and Asian roaches are both outdoor roaches, however. They prefer to live outside rather than indoors.

However, it doesn’t mean they won’t break into your home. It is also possible for these roaches to invade homes when the weather outside becomes too wet or dry.

Wood roaches and Asian roaches reproduce very quickly. Their numbers rise rapidly if you don’t get rid of them.

As their numbers increase, these roaches will seek new hiding spots and new food sources. When that happens, these roaches can infest your home.

The roaches hide in piles of wood, tree barks, and underneath layers of mulch. You can also find them in the foliage and blocked gutters of your roof.

In addition to decaying wood and foliage, wood roaches also feed on insects. In this way, they have access to both food and hiding places.

Grass roaches, on the other hand, prefer to hide in grasses. For these roaches, tall grasses, overgrowth, and bushes and shrubs provide excellent hiding places.

Tall grasses are a great place for bugs to hide. Bugs in the grass can be problematic since many of them bite humans.

There is also a lot of moisture surrounding these lush green plants, which is perfect for lawn roaches.

A lawn roach or grass roach will eat grass, especially decaying grass and foliage, as they are easy to digest.

During the night, both lawn roaches and wood roaches come out of hiding to forage for food.

Lawn roaches can feed on decaying food and garbage in the bins, just like other home-invading roaches.

A common sighting of roaches in a yard at night is during the summer months.

During the summer, the weather becomes dry, reducing the overall levels of dampness in the yard.

Therefore, these roaches search for new food sources and hideouts. It is also not uncommon for them to crawl onto places like your porch, lawn, or flower pots looking for both.

How To Get Rid Of Roaches In Yard?

As you now know the reasons why roaches are in your yard at night, it’s time to get rid of them.Remember, by getting rid of them, you’re preventing a huge roach infestation in your home.

To get rid of roaches in your yard, follow this 6-step guide.

Step#1 – Clean Your Yard

Roaches hate a clean yard. The roaches cannot hide and reproduce in a clean yard.

It is important that you thoroughly clean your yard before applying any insecticide sprays.

Ensure your yard is free of decaying organic matter, such as rotting wood and leaves.

Both wood roaches and Asian roaches hide under mulch beds and stones. The reason is that these places are moist and dark.

Therefore, if the mulch bed in your yard is old or has begun to rot, you should replace it with hardwood mulch.

The hardwood mulch wood chips are good at repelling pests, including termites since they lack moisture.

Pruning overgrown bushes along the perimeter wall of your home is a good idea. These bushes can be used to access your home by roaches.

Additionally, never ever leave a trash bin full of garbage in your yard.

Roaches are attracted to trash bins containing food wastes and organic wastes. Why is this? Because the trash in the bins is a food source for them.

On top of that, trash bins with garbage will attract mosquitoes and flies, which will result in maggots.

Therefore, it would be best if you disposed of the waste in the trash cans daily. If it has been lying around dirty for a long time, then clean it with a disinfectant after you dispose of the trash.

Step#2 – Reduce Dampness In Your Yard

Your yard should not be overwatered. Make sure any leaks are fixed.

Both will reduce the amount of moisture in your yard.

Overwatering and water leaks keep your yard damp, which is what cockroaches like.

Roaches and many other invasive insects thrive in damp, organic waste-filled yards.

You should also keep the drains in your yard clean. Keep your catch basin clean if it’s on your property.

As well as roaches, mosquitoes and drain flies breed in clogged drains and catch basins.

Step#3 – Seal Any Gaps And Cracks On The Walls

It is essential to seal cracks and crevices in your home’s foundation, perimeter walls, and areas where you store things in your yard.

It is in these cracks and gaps that roaches hide and build their nests.

They will lose these hiding places if they are sealed. Furthermore, it will ensure that no other bugs are able to hide.

Make sure you have firewood available. Seal cracks and crevices on the platform where you keep firewood.

Roaches prefer to hide in cracks like these.

When sealing, silicone-based sealants are always better than standard seals. These sealants are durable. They last for decades.

What’s the best part? Roaches and bugs can’t chew them through.

Step#4 – Spray A Roach Spray In Your Yard

After you’ve done the basic work, it’s time to go on the offensive against these roaches in your yard that show up at night.

There are quite a few ways to accomplish this.

An individual sprays roaches with a roach spray. Start spraying in areas where cockroaches can hide before you spray the entire yard.

As a result, woodpiles and mulch beds are your best bets.

Spray the insecticide near your home’s foundation, on the window sills, and on the door frames.

These are the places where roaches can enter your house.

(Read the instructions carefully before using the roach spray. Insecticides can harm children and pets, so keep them away from them.)

You can also make a homemade spray to get rid of roaches. It is effective both indoors and outdoors.

Mix equal amounts of white vinegar and water and shake it well. You can mix half a gallon of both.

However, if you have a large yard, you can make a larger quantity of this mixture.

Add a few drops of dish soap to the mixture to give it more punch.

Fill a spray bottle with the mixture and spray it on your lawn. You should cover the whole yard and make sure you don’t miss any corners or tight spaces.

Insecticide dust, such as diatomaceous earth, are also an effective alternative to sprays. All you have to do is scatter them in your yard and let them do their thing.

Diatomaceous earth works as a dehydrator. Roaches absorb it through their exoskeletons.

Diatomaceous earth soaks up moisture in roaches’ bodies once it is inside their bodies.

What is the result? Roaches lose water, their exoskeletons break, and they die.

However, DE does not kill all roaches immediately. The process takes time.

Step#5 – Keep Roach Baits In Your Yard

If you follow all the steps, it is still possible for roaches to survive. After all, they have survived five extinctions so far.

It is possible to manage this downside with roach baits.

The pheromones in roach bait attract roaches. Furthermore, roach bait contains roach-killing chemicals.

Place these roach baits in tight corners in your yard.

You should not overlook places like underneath the patio deck, mulch beds, and woodpiles, where roaches can hide.

You should keep these baits at least six feet apart from one another.

Roaches will be attracted to the bait. If they eat it, they will die.

Step#6 – Dispose Of The Dead Roaches

It is important to complete the final step. Following these steps will drastically reduce the activities of roaches in your yard at night.

There are also a lot of dead roaches to be found.

It’s not a good idea to let them into your yard.

The reason why?

This is because these dead roaches will attract many other bugs that eat dead insects.

Cockroaches eat the dead roaches as well!

Do not let your yard become a prime location for other bugs.

Get rid of dead roaches from your property by looking for them and disposing of them.

Best Roach Killers For Yard

Here’s a list of the top roach killers to make things easier for you. When you’re getting rid of roaches in your yard, these will make your job a lot easier.

Best Roach Killing Spray

There are a number of roach killers for yards available, but Harris roach spray is one of the best.

A benefit of this spray is that it has residual toxicity, which means that it continues to work even after it has been sprayed.

In addition to killing roaches on contact, it continues to kill without you having to spray it again and again.

Harris roach spray has no odor and leaves no stains. Spraying it on your outdoor furniture won’t harm it.

Spray Harris roach killer around woodpiles, mulch layers, and around the foundation of your home. This is where roaches in the yard hide.

If you don’t want to use sprays, you can use granular insecticides for roach control.

Niban granular pest control insecticide is perfect for outdoor use due to its thick and heavy grains.

These granules can last for at least 2-3 months. It means that once you’ll have to scatter the granules once every two months.

The granules last a long time. Heavy rains don’t wash them away.

Extreme temperature and cold are not a problem for these granules. Thus, Niban insecticide granules perform well under harsh conditions.

The best thing about it is that it contains boric acid. As well as killing roaches upon contact, it also kills them when ingested. Additionally, it destroys any roach nests in the yard.

Spread the granules around your home’s foundation, in woodpiles, underneath the porch, and on mulch layers.

Let it sit there and do its thing.

The granules work not only on roaches, but also on numerous other pests that enter your home from the yard, such as ants, silverfish, and earwigs.

Best Roach Trap Baits

If you want to get rid of roaches in your yard and house, roach baits are indispensable.

After spraying, keeping roach baits lures the cockroaches that might escape the extermination process.

The black flag motel trap lasts a long time. It lasts at least four months.

Therefore, you will not need to replace a roach trap on a daily basis like you have to with other roach traps.

Traps are sticky on the top and have a bait formula on the sticky side that entices roaches out of hiding.

In the evening hours before sunset, place traps near wood piles and flower pots in the corners of your yard.

Check the traps the next morning to see if there are any roaches stuck in them.

Best Roach Repellent

It isn’t enough to spray roach-killing sprays and layout traps in your yard to get rid of roaches.

Make sure that the roaches don’t return after treatment by taking the necessary steps. You can accomplish this by using a roach repellent.

The most effective repellent for roaches and other insects is peppermint oil. This oil repels roaches because it smells unpleasant.

In order to keep roaches out of your yard and to prevent roach infestation in the future, spray peppermint oil spray twice a week.

Peppermint spray sticks to the surface for two to three days and leaves a strong odor. Therefore, you do not have to spray it every day.


Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures, and they are typically active at nighttime. Your yard is full of roaches at night because of this.

Keeping your yard free from roaches is as easy as using diatomaceous earth, baits, insecticide spray, and filling in the cracks in the walls.

When you see cockroaches in your yard, it is best not to ignore them. Roaches in the yard can enter your home and cause a massive infestation of roaches.

You have learned what attracts roaches to your yard at night and how to get rid of them.

Roaches are tough pests to get rid of. If you see them both inside and outside your home regularly, you will need to hire a professional pest controller to eradicate them.

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