White Small Bugs In The House

White Small Bugs In The House – How To Get Rid Them (Wood Mites)

Here you will learn how to get rid of white small bugs in the house and how to prevent them in the future. In this article, you’ll find tips on how to find small white bugs in the house, as well as answers to all of your questions.

Tiny translucent bugs will appear in your home suddenly during spring and winter.

Homes with gardens or yards filled with plants are prone to having these bugs. What are these tiny clear white bugs in my house? How do they get inside your home? 

What Are The white small bugs in the house?

The wood mite, also known as a white mite, is a kind of spider mite that attacks and damages plants. (In this guide, we refer to wood mites as wood mites for the sake of consistency.)

Arachnids such as wood mites also spider mites.

The adult wood mite is one-fiftieth of an inch long, translucent, white with eight legs. The back of the adult mite can develop black spots.

There are only six legs on a baby wood mite. Wood mites get their name from the fact that they prefer to live in damp, rotting wood.

Plants are also damaged by them, as are spider mites. Damage caused by wood mites to plants is similar to that caused by spider mites.

Plants with this condition will have yellow spots and holes on their leaves and stems, and eventually, they will die. It is also common to see web clusters on plants as a sign of wood mite infestation.

The Source of Small Clear White Bugs, or Wood Mites?

Wood mites enter your home through any cracks and crevices on the perimeter of your house. Also, you introduce them to your home when you bring in outdoor plants or firewood with wood mites on them. 

You can also catch wood mites on your clothes or skin while walking between plants and shrubs with wood mites on them.

If you notice tiny translucent white insects on your clothes and skin, you can be sure they are wood mites. When wood mites enter your home, they spread quickly. 

During her four-week lifespan, an adult female wood mite can lay up to 20 eggs daily. The eggs of wood mites hatch within three days. Within five days of hatching, the hatchlings are sexually mature.

The wood mites are extremely small and have a translucent white color, making them difficult to detect indoors. However, if you do not treat your home when the numbers are small, they will spread.

Within a short period of time, you’ll see them crawling on your furniture, drapes, curtains, carpets, rugs, clothing, and even on your bed.

Those aren’t the only things.

When wood mite populations increase, they begin hiding in plumbing areas, baseboards, bed frames, and wooden floors.

As these tiny white insects or wood mites prefer damp and moist areas, they will also spread in your bathroom and kitchen.

You may have wood mites and spider mites in your house if you have hydroponic gardens or greenhouses.

Signs Of Wood Mites Or White Mites In Your Home?

It’s essential to confirm that wood mites are present in your house before deciding how to get rid of them. Otherwise, you might choose the wrong treatment, causing a waste of time and money. 

What to look for when determining if your home is infested with wood mites –

  • Your house plants should show signs of damage on the undersides of their leaves. The leaves would have white or yellowish dots and even holes. If you look closely, you can also see crawling wood mites.
  • Any web clusters on the leaves or stems of the indoor plants should be observed.
  • Watch out for white molted skin casings in your home. Before becoming adults, wood mites molt or shed their skin.
  • Finally, sightings of wood mites are a strong indicator of their presence. It’s easy to see these tiny white creepy crawlies if their numbers in your house have exploded.

Wood mites can be found anywhere they can hide, so keep an eye out for these signs. Electrical outlets and plumbing areas in your home should not be overlooked.

How Do You Get Rid Of Wood Mites?

The good news is that getting rid of these tiny translucent white bugs in your house doesn’t require any special skills. It’s so simple that anyone can do it. 

What’s the best part?

Getting rid of them doesn’t require any investment.

Whatever you need to do to get rid of wood mites, you have it in your home right now.

Here’s what you need – 

  1. Dish soap (or any powdered detergent)
  2. Drinking water
  3. Bottle for spraying
  4. If you don’t already have diatomaceous earth, you may need to purchase it.
  5. Cleaner for vacuuming
  6. Sealant
  7. Caulk gun

House plants attract wood mites in the home. The first step should be quarantining any indoor plants you have. 

Remove it from plants that do not have translucent bugs crawling on their leaves. Spray a solution of water and soap on the plants. 

Be sure to spray on the leaves’ undersides where the wood mites hide. The mixture should be sprayed on the stems of the plants and the web clusters they made. 

Wood mites are killed by soap and water.

Wood mites may fall onto the plant’s soil bed. Apply the spray mixture if you find them there. In the second step, you need to eliminate wood mites from their hiding places.

Vacuuming is the best method for doing this. You can use your vacuum cleaner to clean surfaces and areas where wood mites have been spotted.

You should also cover the electrical outlets, plumbing areas, bed frames, and baseboards. Wood mites can hide in these areas if there are too many wood mites in your home. 

Vacuum your rugs and carpets carefully and thoroughly. Any soft floor furnishings should be covered on all edges and the underside.

The dust bag should not be thrown away in your home’s or yard’s trash bin after you have vacuumed your home. Thus, the wood mites can come back again.

It would be best to dispose of the dust bag away from your home.

Tip: Spread a little diatomaceous earth around your home before vacuuming. It will kill wood mites.

Lastly, the third step. Your home’s walls, floors, window sills, and door frames should be sealed if there are any gaps or cracks. 

It would be best if you used a silicone-based sealant. Silicone-based sealants have the highest hardness. They can easily last a decade or more.

A wood mite infestation in your home is a sure sign you have wood mites in your yard or garden. The odds are high that wood mites will return if your garden or yard is not treated for them. 

In your garden or yard, you can spray soapy water on your plants. However, there are many other long-term solutions to get rid of wood mites outdoors. 

Our post on spider mites explains those steps in detail. Both spider mites and wood mites can be removed from your garden or yard in the same way.

Do wood mites live on humans?

Wood mites cannot live on humans. Plants and wood are the only food sources for wood mites. Humans are not bitten by wood mites either. Wood mites are harmless.

However, people who are allergic to them can suffer from allergic reactions when they are present at home.

Do wood mites jump?

It’s possible. However, wood mites are so tiny that you won’t even notice them when they’re jumping. The majority of the time, you’d find them crawling. 

Fleas and wood mites are often confused. They mistake them for jumping bugs.

Do You See Wood Mites On Your Deck?

It’s because you have these small clear white bugs in your yard or garden. Moreover, the wood of the deck has a high moisture content. 

That’s why there are wood mites on your deck. The wood mites can be removed by vacuuming the deck.

Does Raid kill wood mites?

Yes, bed bugs, fleas, and dust mites would be killed with an insecticide raid. To kill them, you would have to spray directly on them. 

In addition, you wouldn’t want to spray insecticide spray on your plants. 

It is perfectly safe to kill wood mites with soapy water. Vacuuming will take care of the rest.

Do Wood Mites Have Springtails?

Wood mites are not springtails. 

Springtails are insects, while wood mites are arachnids. 

There is a difference between the two species.


Wood mites, also known as white mites, are White Small Bugs In The House.

Furthermore, you found out how these tiny white translucent white bugs enter your home, where they hide, and how to get rid of them.

To know more about a similar type of mite, spider mite, read our post on 4 Signs Of Spider Mites and 7 Invisible Microbes That Bite

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