To Kill A Cockroach Without Touching It

7 Best Ways To Kill A Cockroach Without Touching It?

In this post you will learn the seven easy methods to kill a cockroach without touching it. Here are seven simple and effective ways to get rid of roaches.

However, these methods won’t get rid of roach eggs or nests. The key to removing roach infestations from your home is removing them. 

You’d need the help of a professional pest controller to accomplish that. In spite of this, these methods are sure to eliminate as many roaches hidden inside your home as possible. 

With the methods we’re about to reveal, you can kill cockroaches without spending a dime.

7 Ingenious Ways To Kill A Cockroach Without Touching it

4 of these seven methods are homemade cockroach killer recipes. With the ingredients you have at home, these recipes are easy to prepare.

Children, pets, and you are all safe from it as long as you exercise a little caution.

Squish The Roach Under Your Shoes

That’s brutal.

Stomping on roaches is the best way to kill them without touching them if you don’t mind their guts spilling out on the floor. 

Don’t forget to clean the surface with disinfectant and to remove the roach body. Your house will be infested with ants and other roaches if you don’t. 

We outlined a step-by-step guide on how to crush roaches in our post on crushing roaches.

Roaches Should Be Sprayed With A Mixture Of Listerine And Water

Does Listerine kill roaches? The answer is yes.  If you spray it on cockroaches, it works on them. Listerine and water only work when they come into contact. 

Learn how to prepare Listerine cockroach killer with our step-by-step recipe.

There are also lots of homemade roach-killing recipes using Lysol, vinegar, and essential oils. 

Boric Acid – A Roach Killer Tried And Tested For Decades

Boric acid has consistently been used to kill roaches by humans for centuries. However, cockroaches are not repelled by it. Thus, cockroaches are not scared away from it. 

How does it work?

You can do it easily.

Boric acid and sugar should be mixed together and kept in places where roaches might hide. 

The kitchen cabinets, basement, and wet rooms like laundry and bathrooms are some of these places. 

Roaches will be attracted to the sugar. The mixture will be a feast for them. 

Boric acid kills roaches by dehydrating them from inside. 

What’s the best part? 

The mixture will stick to the roaches’ bodies. Infected cockroaches return to their nests and spread the disease to other roaches.

As a result, you would kill multiple roaches without touching them. 

Use Diatomaceous Earth – The All-Round Pest Killer

You should have diatomaceous earth in your home. Because it kills many pests that invade homes, such as bed bugs, termites, and worms. 

You simply need to scatter diatomaceous earth throughout your home, especially where roaches hide. 

Like boric acid, diatomaceous earth penetrates the body and absorbs fat from the roaches. 

Thus, the roaches’ exoskeleton breaks, resulting in their death. 

Cockroaches that have eaten diatomaceous earth spread it on other cockroaches when they get back to their nests. 

Roaches tend to clean each other when they are in the habit of doing so. 

When roaches in the nest clean cockroaches with diatomaceous earth, it enters their system, causing them to die as well.

Use a mixture of bleach and hot water to kill roaches in drains

Drains are the least likely places for roaches to enter your home. 

The majority of homeowners don’t know this.

It’s common to call these roaches sewer roaches, but they’re actually American roaches.

Check out our post on how to get rid of sewer roaches for more information on the topic. 

It isn’t just your yard where roaches live. They can also be found in drains. 

Nests of cockroaches can form in the drains of your bathroom sink, kitchen sink, and even in catch basins. 

The adult roaches, roach eggs, and infant roaches will be killed by pouring hot water and bleach in these places. 

Bleach is an effective roach killer. However, there are disadvantages. 

If you use this method often, it will damage your drains, since bleach is corrosive. 

Don’t use this method more than once or twice. Otherwise, your drain pipes will be damaged.

A word of caution – always wear a glove while using this recipe. Bleach can give you serious irritation on your skin.

Use A Roach Spray  

The spray Raid kills roaches instantly. It is also handy when you don’t want to get too close to roaches. 

You can spray it on the roach, and it will die instantly. 

However, we strongly advise against using roach spray in your kitchen, especially near your food pantry or where you keep your utensils.

Please read the spray bottle’s instructions before using it and keep it out of reach of children and pets. 

Use A Cockroach Bait To Lure The Roaches And To Kill Them

Unlike cockroach baits, which are instant killers, cockroach baits are slow poisons.

Roach baits must be kept in the right place if you want to use them effectively. 

Keeping them in the middle of the room will make them less attractive to roaches. 

Keep them in a dark corner of your house.

It is common to find roaches in places like the attic or basement, or at the top of the kitchen cabinet, or near the sink.

It attracts the roaches, they consume the bait, and they die within 2-3 days.

The roaches that come in contact with the roach infected by the bait will also die. 

There are also sticky roach baits that make the roach stick to the bait.

Put some kind of bait, such as cheese or small pieces of meat, that roaches will eat.

Stepping on bait will cause the roaches to get stuck.

To kill them, spray an anti-roach spray on them.

It’s important to remember that roach bait is poisonous. Make sure your children and pets do not have access to it. 

What Should Be Done With The Dead Roaches?

All these methods will kill roaches without you touching them, for sure. But if you leave the dead roaches behind, they’ll attract other roaches and insects like ants, spiders, and centipedes.
It’s certainly not something you want to happen. 
The dead roaches must be removed from your home by vacuuming. 
You can remove dead roaches with a broom if you find them in hard-to-reach places. 
If you vacuum, do not throw out the vacuum cleaner’s dust bag with dead roaches in your home or yard’s trash bin. 
In addition to that, dead roaches will attract ants and other insects that feed on them. 
It would be best if the dust bag with dead roaches was disposed of away from your house. 

Does Killing A Cockroach Attracts More Roaches?

The answer is yes. 
Similar to crickets, cockroaches consume their dead. 
When you want to lure cockroaches out of hiding, using a dead roach can be helpful.
However, we do not recommend it.
Insects like ants can be attracted to a dead cockroach because it attracts them.
So if you want to rid your home of roaches, you should get rid of their dead bodies. 

Hire a pest controller for a long-term and permanent roach problem.

The cold, hard truth must be faced. Roaches are difficult to eradicate. 

As well, roaches do return, time and time again, unless you exterminate them at their source, namely their nests.

In order to eliminate cockroaches from your home, you must destroy roach nests and roach eggs. 

It would be best to hire a pest controller who is licensed and experienced in that field. 

There is no doubt that the above methods work. 

However, if your home has severe infestation levels of roaches and you use these methods, then you will only scratch the surface. 

An inspection of your home for roach infestations and the application of appropriate pesticides would be necessary. 

That can only be done by a trustworthy pest controller.


Here are the seven easy ways to kill a cockroach without touching it.

  1. Squish the roach under your shoes.
  2. Spray a mixture of Listerine and water on the roaches.
  3. Use a mixture of boric acid and sugar to attract and kill the roaches.
  4. Use diatomaceous earth.
  5. Pour a mixture of bleach and hot water to kill roaches hiding in the drains.
  6. Use a roach spray like Raid on the roaches and in their hiding places.
  7. Use cockroach bait to lure the roaches. It’ll kill them after 2-3 days.

You can also eliminate cockroaches from your home permanently by hiring a pest control company. 

If you see cockroaches using these methods, that means your home is infested with roaches. 

If you want to make your home roach-free, you must eliminate the nests, eggs, and baby cockroaches hiding inside it.

If you want to do that, you’ll need the help of a roach exterminator who can eliminate roaches from your home right from the source. 

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