Tiny Bathroom Jumping Bugs

Tiny Bathroom Jumping Bugs And How To Get Rid Them

Do you know at the peak of summer, there’s a sudden appearance of tiny bathroom jumping bugs. You will learn about jumping springtail bugs in the bathroom and how to get rid of them in this guide.

They’re black, and as they multiply, you’re more likely to find them all over. You have them in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and even on your bed! Also, you can find that 3 Tall Skinny Black Bugs In House

How do these tiny creatures hop from place to place? What are their origins? Can you stop them?

You will find the answers if you keep reading.

Tiny Bathroom Jumping Bugs – What Are They?

In the bathroom, there are tiny jumping bugs called springtail bugs. This is a summertime bug that sneaks inside your bathroom and bedroom.

There are jumping black bugs inside your bathroom on the floor, in the bathtub, and in the sink. Springtails prefer damp and cool environments.

As a result, don’t be surprised if you find them in your kitchen and laundry room as well. 

The springtail is an outdoor bug that lives in moist organic matter in your yard or garden. Their favorite habitats are decaying firewood and mulch. 

They prefer to live in shaded areas with organic matter because they don’t enjoy direct sunlight went soil beds under plants and shrubs are where you’ll find springtail bugs. 

Wet soil beds under plants and shrubs are where you’ll find springtail bugs. The best part is that springtails do not harm grown-up plants. 

However, they can damage seedlings.

Then, how?

In springtails, the roots are chewed while they drill into the soil. In this way, they can cause the roots of the seedlings to be damaged, resulting in the seedlings to either dying or falling off. 

Molds, fungi, and decaying plant matter are the main ingredients in springtails’ diet. The springtail is a good jumper. The springtail has a tail-like end known as a furcula attached to its abdomen.

Springtails hoist themselves using the furcula. A springtail can jump a distance of up to 4 inches with the help of its legs. 

Due to their tiny size and jumping behavior, springtails may be confused with fleas. You may wonder why there are fleas in your bathtub when these springtails are jumping around in there. 

However, they aren’t.

Springtails are only sixteenths of an inch long. Because springtails are so small, you might not notice them in the bathroom until their number increases.

Springtails breed quickly in normal, moist conditions. If you don’t get rid of them when they are few, you will find them everywhere in your home.

How Do Tiny Jumping Black Bugs (Springtails) Enter Your Home?

There is only one reason why springtails enter your home. That is to avoid the summer heat outside. So when it gets cold outside, hundreds of these tiny jumping black bugs can suddenly appear inside your home. 

Your bathroom is the perfect place for springtails, as they prefer damp, cooler places. How do springtails get inside your home? 

Springtails enter your home through cracks in the walls or open windows. Your home’s walls are a perfect hiding place for these tiny insects, which squeeze through even the smallest cracks.

Mold and fungus, which are quite common in old homes, have a food source in your bathroom. This allows them to thrive and reproduce.

Springtails can also move close to the water source once inside your bathroom. 

This is why you will often find them near the faucets in the bathtub, in the sink, and in the plumbing and drain areas when the springtail infestation is high.

The light from glowing bulbs also attracts springtails. Open your windows during the summer with a glowing bulb inside to invite springtails into your home.

How To Get Rid Of Springtails In The Bathroom?

Springtails do not pose a threat to humans. They cause no damage to humans or property. Springtails do not transmit diseases to humans. 

Nevertheless, they can cause you unwanted stress when they grow in large numbers. You don’t want a springtail bug jumping on your food as you eat.

Getting rid of them is essential to stop them from spreading all over your home since bathrooms are perfect places for them to hide and breed.

In order to get rid of springtails in your bathroom, here is the list of things you would need.

  • A dry wiping cloth.
  • A vacuum cleaner.
  • A small pouch bag.
  • A dehumidifier.

Make sure you have the above four items inside the bathroom before you start, and close the windows and doors.

You’ll find out in a moment why this is important.

The fact that springtails live in moist and wet areas makes drying the bathroom an important step.

Dry the bathroom floor by wiping it with a dry cloth. Do not forget to dry the bathtub, the bathroom sink, and the furniture in the bathroom.

The best way to kill springtails is to mop the bathroom floor with a mixture of water and disinfectant. 

Fix any leaks in the pipes. There must be wet organic waste clogging the drains in your bathtub or kitchen sink. 

Springtails are also attracted to that. Make sure your drains are unclogged. It is during this process that you’ll see many springtails hopping from one place to another. 

You can get rid of springtails by using the vacuum cleaner. The plumbing areas in the bathroom should also be vacuumed, as well as all of the tight corners. 

A handheld vacuum cleaner is ideal, as these are more maneuverable and easier to use in tight corners. Check any potted plants in the bathroom for springtails hiding in the soil or on the leaves.

If yes, scoop the springtails out of the soil and place them in a bag. Last but not least, keep your bathroom dry with a dehumidifier. 

Dehumidifiers reduce the amount of moisture in the air and make the home environment drier. This repels springtails, as well as many other pests. Moisture and dampness support not only bugs like springtails but also pests like roaches and termites.

The key to getting rid of springtails is to close the bathroom doors and windows. 

You should do that because it would prevent springtails from escaping your bathroom during cleaning and hiding elsewhere.

You can hide them in the darkest corners of your house once they escape. In spite of your efforts, they will return after a few weeks.

To get rid of springtails in that situation, you’d need a pest controller.

Therefore, while you’re getting rid of springtails in the bathroom, make sure your bathroom doors and windows are closed.

How To Keep Springtails Out Of Your House?

Look for gaps and cracks on your home’s walls, window sills, and door frames to prevent springtails from entering. Seal any cracks with good quality caulk. 

Use weatherstripping and door sweeps to prevent springtails from entering your home. Be sure to check for leaks around your home’s foundation as well. 

Your home’s humidity level will be higher if your foundation is wet and damp. This attracts all sorts of insects from your yard and garden, such as earwigs, centipedes, and cockroaches. 

Fix any water leaks or plumbing issues around the foundation of your home. 

In addition, if there are shrubs, bushes, and mulch close to your home’s walls, then springtails and other pests, such as termites and roaches, can use them to gain access.

It would be best if there were no vegetation or mulch along the perimeter of your home’s walls. They should be at least three to five feet away from the walls.

You can prevent springtails and many other insects from entering your home with a dehumidifier.

Do Springtails Bite?

Humans or pets cannot be bitten by springtails. Springtails are completely disease-free. 

People confuse springtails with fleas because they jump. According to them, springtails bite and suck blood like fleas.

There is no such thing as that. 


Springtails are the tiny bathroom jumping bugs. In the summer, springtails are common in yards and gardens. In the summer, springtails prefer damp places, which are few and far between outdoors. 

We learned how springtails get into your bathroom and how to get rid of them in this post. 

You also learned that springtails aren’t fleas or biting insects. Due to their ability to jump and their size, springtails are like fleas. Sadly, many people confuse springtails with fleas.

In bathrooms, molds and fungus keep the springtails alive and allow them to breed.

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