How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Drains

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Drains? Tips For Beginners!

The following post will show you how to get rid of mosquitoes in drains and catch basins with some cool methods that you can implement immediately.

You can eliminate both mosquitoes and their larvae from the gutters by following these tips. What are the results? No mosquitoes in the house.

When you enter your bathroom, do you see swarms of buzzing mosquitoes?

Would you ever wonder how mosquitoes get into your clean house even though it is swanky?

If so, then there are probably some unexpected places in your house and yard where mosquitoes can take refuge.

One of these places can be your bathroom drain or your catch basin outside your home.

In order to live and lay eggs, mosquitoes require stagnant water. They can’t live on flowing water.

It is more likely that mosquitoes will breed and live in the drains of an unused bathroom than in a bathroom you use regularly. Unless the bathroom drains are clogged.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use this riddance process in your primary bathroom. If you want better results, use this process for all drains throughout your house.

How to get rid of mosquitoes in drains? in bathroom

To get rid of mosquitoes in your bathroom, we’ll concentrate on the drains, including the sink drain, the bathtub drain, and the toilet bowl.

Step # 1 – Know What Attracts Mosquitoes In Your Bathroom

Unless you know what attracts mosquitoes in your bathroom, the entire process will be in vain.

Mosquitoes like to live and lay their eggs in warm, dark, and moist environments. There are a few common, but often overlooked, things in your bathroom that are attracting mosquitoes. These are –

  • The bathroom floor is flooded with stagnant water. Alternatively,
  • Layers of hair and soap scum on the drains. The layers of debris clog the bathroom drain, making the pipes a moist and dark breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • It’s humid and warm enough in the bathroom for mosquitoes to remain active. 70 deg Fahrenheit to 80 deg Fahrenheit is the optimal heat for the mosquitoes to have a ball.

Now, when you know what attracts mosquitoes, it’s time to get into the next step, which is…

Step # 2 – Clean Your Bathroom To Destroy The Mosquitoes Habitat.

Yes, it’s time to take the offensive.  cleaning your bathroom to avoid

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when cleaning your bathroom to get rid of mosquitoes:

  • Clean your bathroom with a bleach-based cleaner scented with lavender. Mosquitoes hate the smell of lavender, so bleach is the perfect mosquito repellent. Clorox bleached with Gonzo Magic Disinfectant is also an excellent option.
  • Clean your bathroom furniture like a bathroom vanity, medicine cabinet, bathroom shelves, and linen cabinet with medical-grade disinfecting wipes. These wipes are excellent surface disinfectants that are both bactericidal and fungicidal. Wiping the furniture surfaces with these wipes will clean the surfaces and remove anything that is emitting odor attracting the mosquitoes.
  • Make sure there are no leaks in your bathroom’s plumbing. Fix any leaks if necessary. Water leakage makes your bathroom moist that makes your bathroom perfect for mosquitoes.

Step # 3 – Unclog The Bathroom Drains To Kill The Mosquitoes And Their Larvae On The Drainpipe’s Surface.

Mosquitoes cannot breed and live in flowing water. It’s because the water is not flowing freely through your drains that mosquitoes are coming out.

This makes the drainpipe’s surface moist enough for mosquitoes to breed and live.

It doesn’t matter how clean your home is, a clogged drain pipe is not only a breeding ground for mosquitoes, but also for cockroaches.

So, unchoke and clean the drain.

What’s the number one reason behind clogged bathroom drains? Soap scum and hair.

Hair can be difficult to remove from drains because they are narrow, especially those in bathtubs and washbasins.

However, you can easily do it by using a drain opener or drain cleaner, such as Green Gobbler. The product sinks into clogged drains, dissolves organic matter such as soap scum and hair, and is non-damaging to drains. No matter how wide or narrow your bathroom drains are, it unclogs, cleans, and clears them instantly.

Pro Tip: You can also use kerosene in your bathroom drains. Kerosene is a great mosquito killer. It kills the larvae and eggs inside the drains. But kerosene won’t unclog the drains.

Step # 4 – Install A Window Screens On Your Bathroom Windows To Stop Mosquitoes Entering Your Bathroom From Outside.

Mosquitoes can also enter your bathroom through the bathroom windows. If you have a garden or yard, then they’re probably living and reproducing there. Another entry point is your bathroom window, which needs to be sealed off.

You can shield your windows with a window screen with tiny dense holes to stop them. In addition to mosquitoes, window screens also prevent other pests like moths.

Moreover, window screens do not interfere with the appearance of your bathroom nor do they prevent fresh air from entering the room.

Step # 5 – Use A Safe Indoor Mosquito Spray To Eliminate Mosquitoes

I must now strike the final blow to rid myself of these bloodsuckers.

This can be accomplished by using an indoor mosquito spray such as Wondercide, which is suitable for both children and pets.

Be sure to spray it in the corners of your bathroom, including the hidden plumbing areas of the sink and toilet.

Pro Tip: If you live in a humid place then you can use a humidifier to reduce humidity in your bathroom. It’ll make your bathroom inhospitable to the mosquitoes because mosquitoes need humidity to live. A humidifier is a secret weapon to get rid of mosquitoes.

Getting Rid Of Mosquitoes In Catch Basins and French Drains.

The outside of your home is another place mosquitoes thrive. And that’s your catch basin and its drain.

Before we discuss the process of mosquito extermination from the catch basin and its drainpipes, you must know the purpose of the catch basin.

When you have a large yard or garden, a catch basin can be an essential part of your landscape drainage system.

An old home must have a catch basin because they were essential for drainage before the 1980s.

Drain pipes that connect the catch basin are known as French drains. Bypassing through the catch basin, the French drain transport the dirty water from your home to the sewer.

Therefore, why did the French drains pass through the catch basin instead of directly entering the sewer?

It’s because the catch basins “catch” the solid wastes and debris in the dirty water flowing through the French drains.

In the catch pit, debris settles down, allowing dirty water from the yard or garden to flow freely into the sewer.

Therefore, the catch basin’s pit is wet and dark, protected from direct sunlight, making it a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Unless you clean your catch basin, it is always full of mosquito larvae and a breeding ground for all kinds of harmful pests and bugs.

One of the best parts of cleaning a catch basin is getting rid of mosquito larvae inside the basin isn’t difficult.

Here’s how to get rid of mosquitoes from the catch basin.

Step # 1 – Pour Some Kerosene And A Few Mosquito Larvicide Tablets In The Catch Basin

You should not clean the catch basin’s pit until you’ve killed the mosquitoes, mosquito larvae, and mosquito eggs floating in the stagnant water.

Because if you clean the pit first, then the mosquitoes will escape. Either they will get into your house, or they will go somewhere else to breed. So, it would be best if you killed them right there.

Pour a little kerosene in the catch basin and drop a couple larvicide tablets into it.

However, what is the point of using kerosene on dirty stagnant water? There’s a scientific reason for it.

In stagnant water, mosquitoes can walk and lay eggs because of the surface tension of the water, meaning the water’s surface can bear mosquitoes’ weight and larvae.

As a result of kerosene, the water layer itself is too weak to sustain the mosquitoes’ and larvae’s weight, causing them to sink into the water and die.

Mosquito larvae are also killed by larvicide tablets. These are effective on a muddy and filthy catch basin pit full of debris.

In a catch basin, kerosene combined with larvicide tablets will kill mosquito larvae and mosquito eggs.

Step # 2 – Cover The Catch Basin To Stop The Mosquitoes From Escaping

It’s important not to let the mosquitoes escape. Do you want to murder them? Right?

As a second step, cover the catch basin’s lid with a wooden slab to prevent mosquitoes from escaping.

The kerosene and larvicide tablets should be covered for at least 2-3 hours to maximize their effectiveness.

Step # 3 – Clean The Catch Basin’s Pit Of Its Debris And Dead Mosquito Larvae

The catch basin needs to be cleaned now. Don’t forget that catch basins are not only breeding grounds for mosquitoes, but also for sewer rats.

You should clean out the catch basin, the pit, and the walls, and remove all debris.

Dish soap or detergent powder can be used to clean the catch basin. Don’t forget to spray a disinfectant afterward. It would be best if you dropped three or four mothballs into the catch basin.

It is important to wear a mask and gloves while cleaning the debris because there are dead insects and mosquito eggs.

Pro Tip: Some people fix a window screen or a piece of fabric at the end of the French drainpipes facing the catch basin. They think that it will stop the mosquitoes from entering and nesting on the catch basin’s pit.

I think it’s a terrible idea. Never do that.

The screen will stop the dreadful debris from sifting into the catch basin. It will clog your French drains and severely damage your landscaping drainage system.

As we mentioned earlier, mosquitoes cannot live in drains that are flowing with water. They need stagnant water to live and breed.

Why Do Mosquitoes Lay Eggs On Stagnant Water

Several mosquito species lay their eggs in stagnant water because their larval instars are aquatic. It means that before they turn into a complete larvae they need to be in the water to survive.

They can live on the surface of the water once they have become complete larvae due to the surface tension of the water. Then they molt into adult mosquitoes.

It is possible for female mosquitoes to lay eggs in stagnant water in plant axils and in tree holes.

Therefore, it’s very important to kill mosquitoes in stagnant water in order to keep mosquitoes away from your home.


Mosquitoes live and breed in catch basins and drain, especially in bathrooms, which are two popular places for them to breed.

If you have a blocked drain in your bathroom or a bathroom that you don’t use often, mosquitoes will easily establish themselves there.

These drains are moist, and water doesn’t flow freely through them.

Consequently, inside the drain, on the surface of the drain, they are able to lay their eggs.

In this post, you’ve got to know some easy-to-follow steps that you can do right now to get rid of mosquitoes from the drains and catch basins.

You also got to know some cool stuff like larvicide tablets, indoor mosquito spray, and effective disinfectants that you can use to land a killer blow on these mosquitoes.

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