Comparison Of Wood Roaches And Cockroaches

Comparison Of Wood Roaches And Cockroaches (2 Differences)

In this guide of comparison of wood roaches and cockroaches, you will find the significant differences between wood roaches and cockroaches. You’ll also learn where wood roaches hide, why they enter your home, and how to eliminate them.

The wood roach is not as invasive as other roach species, such as the oriental cockroach and the German cockroach.

North American wood cockroaches are native to the continent. Wood roaches are found in all 50 states of the US. 

However, wood roaches are more common in Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.

Wood Roach Vs. Cockroach – The Similarities

Wood roaches are sometimes confused with cockroaches. This is true. There are 4500 species of cockroaches, and the wood roach is one of them. 

The lifecycle of wood roaches is the same as that of other cockroach species. 

The wood roach lays eggs. Nymphs or baby roaches hatch from the eggs. The nymphs molt or shed their skin multiple times before they become adults.

As with other roaches, wood roaches have a similar skeleton. 

As you’ll see in the next section, they differ in size, color, behavior, food choice, and infestation locations. 

The wood roach prefers to hide and nest in places that are moist, like most other species of roaches. 

Comparison Of Wood Roaches And Cockroaches – The Differences

There are two major differences between wood roaches and other species of cockroaches. 

  1. Roaches in the woods are outdoor roaches. This means they don’t invade homes. Most other species of roaches in the US, however, are home invaders. 
  2. The wood roaches eat decaying organic matter like leaves and wood. As opposed to other home-invading roaches, these roaches are not indiscriminate eaters.

In addition to color and size, there are differences in behavior as well. 

The wood roaches are tan, and they are smaller than most cockroaches, including American and Oriental roaches. 

A male wood roach can grow up to 1 inch in length, but the female is only 3/4 to 0.75 inches long.

Their size is similar to that of German roaches. 

One interesting difference between wood roaches and other cockroaches is that wood roaches are attracted to light. 

A glowing light bulb is therefore capable of attracting wood roaches. Unfortunately, that leads to them accidentally invading your home.

The wood roaches, however, would like to move out as soon as possible once they are in. This is because they cannot breed and nest in the interior of your home.

You don’t have any food sources inside your house either. It may be possible for them to eat some crumbs from fallen food, but that isn’t sufficient to keep them alive.

When they come into contact with humans, roaches of other species tend to flee and hide. Wood roaches, however, do not. 

It’s much easier to squish a wood roach under your boots then. 

However, it’s not always wise to do so since the guts from a squashed wood roach will attract ants and other cockroaches. 

Where Do Wood Roaches Hide

Wood roaches like to hide under decaying leaves and firewood in your yard or garden.

Because of this, many people also refer to them as yard roaches.

You can also find them in mulch and gutters clogged with leaves and organic matter.

Since wood roaches feed on decaying matter, your yard and garden are an ideal hiding place for them.

During the night, the light from your porch can attract wood roaches. You might find many cockroaches scurrying around in your yard after sunset because of this.

However, there’s a catch. 

The roaches can invade wooden houses made from wood. 

The reason is that wood roaches like to live in wood. Therefore, they don’t care if it’s a wooden house or a wooden log. 

Do Wood Roaches Fly

Wood roaches do fly. However, only the males are able to fly as they have fully developed wings.

It is impossible for wood roaches to fly in the female form.  

When Are Wood Roaches Most Active

Wood roaches are most active during the winters. 

But during the mating season, which is May and June, the male wood roaches fly around a lot, creating a nuisance.

It’s during the mating season that many flying male wood roaches accidentally fly into homes.

Are Wood Roaches Bad

Wood roaches aren’t harmful or dangerous. 

You won’t have an infestation, they won’t build nests, and they won’t damage your furniture or belongings.

In addition, wood roaches do not carry any diseases since they eat nothing but filth. They also don’t bite people and pets.

How To Get Rid Of Wood Roaches?

In this section, you’ll learn how to get rid of wood roaches from your deck, backyard, and inside your house.

Here are some tips for getting rid of wood roaches from your house.

Get Rid Of Wood Roaches In House

Invading your home by accident, wood roaches are a nuisance. Perhaps they found their way inside by chance or were drawn by the light coming from your house. 

To get rid of wood roaches in your home, we don’t recommend using aerosol sprays or pesticides. 

This is because the infestation originates outside of your home. Moreover, wood roaches do not pose an infestation threat to your house.

Using a vacuum cleaner is the best way to get rid of wood roaches crawling on the floor. 

You may find wood roaches in your home’s dark corners. 

Because they’re trying to find a way out of your house when they’re inside. Therefore, if you have wood roaches in your home, you’ll find them scurrying on the floor looking for a way out.

When vacuuming your home, dispose of the vacuum dust bag containing wood roaches away from your home and yard. 

In case you don’t, the wood roaches will chew through the vacuum dust bag, and they’ll be back again.

Remember that wood roaches do not eat the same foods that other home-invading cockroaches eat. Using cockroach baits will not attract wood roaches. 

If you’re not disgusted by the sight of squashed cockroaches, then you can squish the wood roach under your shoes. 

Be sure to throw away the dead wood roach and clean the surface with a disinfectant.

By not doing so, the wood roaches’ guts and interiors will attract ants and domestic cockroaches. 

Make sure every piece of firewood you have in your yard is free of wood roaches.

Get rid of any wood roaches in the firewood before you bring them inside your home.

You should not bring firewood with wood roaches inside your home. 

Firewood can easily be infested by termites. Do not bring termite-infested firewood with you. If you do, you may suffer a massive termite infestation in your home.

However, how do you keep wood roaches out of your house?

Here are the steps you should take –

  • Caulk all gaps and cracks on your home’s walls, doors, and windows with silicone-based sealants. A silicone-based sealant cannot be chewed through by bugs or roaches.
  • If you have any water leaks inside or outside your home, you should fix them. Having leaking pipes makes your home more hospitable to roaches because moisture and dampness are increased.
  • Light bulbs on the deck or on the porch should not be left on for long periods of time, especially during the mating months of May and June. 
  • If you keep the light bulbs on, the male wood roaches will fly inside your house. If you keep the light bulbs off, the female wood roaches Your house will be infested with spiders. These spiders will also attract male wood roaches.
  • The distance between your home and your firewood pile should be at least 6-8 feet. Removing mulch that touches the home’s perimeter is a good idea.
  • Install bug zappers on the deck of your home. You’ll kill any flying male wood roach in your home with that.
  • You can prevent wood roaches and other flying bugs from entering your home by installing window screens and weather stripping at the doors.

Get Rid Of Wood Roaches Outside In Your Yard Or Garden

Wood roaches are outdoor roaches that hide, nest, and breed in the lawn or garden outside of the perimeter of your home. Getting rid of them is easy and hassle-free. 

Firewood piles, moist soil beds, mulch, and layers of rotting leaves can all be treated with residual insecticides like Bioadvanced. 

Be sure to spray on places like gutters where leaves and broken twigs accumulate. Wood roaches can also be found there.

In order to prevent wood roaches from entering your home, spray the insecticide spray on your deck, patio, windows, and doors.

You can also get rid of wood roaches in your yard with a few home remedies. 

The first method involves mixing boric acid and hot water.

Boric acid and water should be mixed in a ratio of 1:3 and sprayed on the places where wood roaches hide or are found. 

When the wood roaches come into contact with the mixture, they will die. 

You can also use diatomaceous earth. 

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around your yard, especially on mulch, gutters, and firewood piles. Diatomaceous earth also kills insects.

Also, you can use a spray made of white vinegar and water. This mixture will kill roaches effectively.

It is important, however, to keep your yard clean so that wood roaches do not invade.

You should remove all organic debris from your yard. Make sure there are no leaks in your yard that are keeping the soil moist and damp. 

Moisture and dampness are ideal breeding grounds for roaches and other bugs and pests.

Keep your gutters clean. Leaves and other organic debris shouldn’t clog your gutters.

Make sure you don’t have rotting firewood in your yard. Keep your firewood under a shed so the rain doesn’t rot it.

Remember that rotting firewood is a home for wood roaches.

It would be best if you stored firewood on a cemented foundation. 

As well as firewood, termites are attracted to it. When you store firewood on a cemented foundation, you won’t have to worry about subterranean termites attacking it from underground.

Get Rid Of Wood Roaches On Deck

Between the wooden beams of the deck and underneath it, wood roaches can hide. 

Wood roaches can enter your home from these places. 

To get rid of wood roaches on decks, sprinkle borax detergent booster or diatomaceous earth on the deck.

Roaches are killed by both borax and diatomaceous earth.

Allow the powder to sit on the deck for at least an hour. Vacuum the deck afterwards.

By vacuuming the deck, the dead roaches will be removed. 

Spray an insecticide spray under the deck if there’s a gap between the ground and the deck. 

Also, make sure your deck is free of rotting leaves and overgrown shrubs. 


There are two major differences between wood roaches and other cockroaches. 

The following are –

  1. Wood roaches are outdoor roaches. They don’t prefer to invade homes.
  2. Wood roaches only eat decaying organic matter.

There are also other differences, such as color differences, shape differences, and size differences, in this guide. 

Furthermore, there is a complete list of steps that you can use to get rid of wood roaches in the yard and house. 

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