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Things You Should Know About American cockroach (Periplaneta Americana)

The American cockroach is a species of common cockroach that is commonly referred to as a pest. Although not a true waterbug, it is known by many colloquial names, including the waterbug, kakerlac, and Bombay canary. It is one of the largest species of a family of ten species. If you are interested you can get more information on “Cockroaches

The cockroach lives in homes and offices and can be found on virtually any surface. “The cockroach in America is one of the most invasive species worldwide. It is a pest in many areas of the world, including Europe and North America. “

Periplaneta americana biology

Adult cockroaches are reddish-brown in color with a pale brown or yellow stripe along the pronotum’s margin. Because their wings extend 4 to 8 mm beyond the tip of the abdomen, males are 4 to 8 mm longer than females. At the apex of the abdomen, both males and females have a pair of slender, jointed cerci. 

The cerci of male cockroaches have 18 to 19 segments, while the cerci of female cockroaches have 13 to 14 segments. Male American cockroaches have two styli between their cerci, while females do not.

American Roaches life cycle

The egg, a varied number of nymphal instars, and the adult are the three life cycles of the American cockroach. From egg to adult, the life cycle takes roughly 600 days, and the adult life span could be another 400 days. After about six to eight weeks, the nymphs emerge from the egg case and develop in six to twelve months. 

Adults can live for up to a year, and a female adult can have up to 150 children in her lifetime. The developmental time of the American cockroach is influenced by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity.

Size Of Cockroaches In America

Adults can grow to be slightly longer than 50 mm (3 inches) in length. American big cockroaches are reddish-brown or mahogany in appearance as adults. A yellow band is drawn around the space behind their heads.

American Cockroach in bedroom Or Home

  • Seeing a cockroach is the most obvious clue that you may have cockroaches in your home.
  • The presence of roach faeces, on the other hand, is a close second.

Cockroach droppings may be concentrated behind large appliances on the wall. It may resemble black pepper or coffee grounds, or it may be deposited as oval-shaped pellets or just brown stains, depending on the species. A small number of feces could indicate one or two roaches, whereas a significant number of pellets or a widespread stain could indicate an infestation.

Furthermore, roaches prefer to be in the dark. It’s not uncommon to see a roach at night, especially in climates where roaches thrive.

Signs You Have American Cockroaches

Here we mention the main four signs of cockroaches that are present in America.

  1. If you see one American cockroach in your home, there are often many around. Don’t assume it’s alone if you see one. To avoid an infestation, act quickly and treat your home.
  1. Near their nests, American cockroaches will leave black flecks of faeces (which resemble coffee grounds) on walls and other surfaces.
  1. Young cockroaches, known as nymphs, shed their skins as they mature. People with allergies or asthma may be particularly sensitive to these “leave-behinds.”
  1. The stink of American cockroaches is distinct and nasty. When there are a lot of roaches together, the odour is the strongest. If you smell cockroaches, it could mean you have a huge infestation.

Get Rid of American Cockroaches and Prevent an Infestation

A scurrying American cockroach on your floor is a good indicator that there are many more hidden elsewhere in your home. Here are some practical and effective ways to destroy both the seen and the unseen:

  • Spray. When you see an American cockroach, act quickly. Spraying Ortho® Home Defense® Ant, Roach, and Spider Killer2 straight on the bug is one of the easiest, no-mess ways to get rid of them immediately. Not only does it kill on touch, but it sanitises*, too.
  • Bait. Don’t panic if you suspect a problem but don’t see a roach; you can still deal with them. Simply use Ortho® Home Defense Roach Bait, which contains a food-water-insecticide blend. Place one bait station every 6 feet in areas where roaches are most likely to congregate. Kitchen baseboards and basement walls are good locations to start. Roaches that come out and find the bait munch on it before returning to their colony.
  • Construct a barrier. Ortho® Home Defense Max® Indoor Insect Barrier with Extended Reach Comfort Wand®, sprayed in a 4-inch wide band along wallboards, forms a long-lasting bug barrier that kills and prevents American cockroaches and other identified household bugs indoors on non-porous surfaces for up to 12 months. As with any goods, be sure to follow label guidelines.
  • Take care of the mess. Refrigerate food or store it in tightly sealed containers. On a nightly basis, clean up accidents, wash dishes, take out the garbage, and pick up pet food. Clean, vacuum, and declutter regularly.
  • Repair. Repair sewer line breaks, replace leaking plumbing, and insulate sweating pipes. Steel wool, caulk, or foam spray can be used to seal any other minor access points. Cap or fill floor drains with water. Dry out damp and moisture-prone spots.
Even one cockroach from the United States is too many. You can get rid of any roaches you have and prevent additional from entering your home by following this advice. Also, You can know about German Cockroach Things You Should Know

People Asked Questions

Why are American cockroaches in my house?

Cockroaches from the United States enter homes in search of water or food. If the weather stripping is compromised, they can simply get through doors. Garage doors and basement windows are also frequent entryways. Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and basements are common places for American cockroaches to enter homes.

Are American cockroaches harmless?

Yes, when American cockroaches infiltrate your home, they may be highly deadly. They carry a variety of viruses, germs, and parasites on their bodies and in their feces, which can result in diarrhea, dysentery, salmonella, and other major health issues.

Does one American roach mean infestation?

Certainly not. However, the appearance of roaches—even a single one—is one of the most reliable indicators of roach infestation. It doesn’t imply your nightmare is finished just because you saw a dead roach. The true issue could be the living cockroaches that are proliferating stealthily behind your walls and fixtures.

What does an American cockroach bite look like?

Cockroach Bites: What Do They Look Like? Roach bites are bright red, and they leave little raised lumps on the skin. They’ll probably be a little bigger than bed bug bites, and there’ll normally only be one of them. Bites from bed bugs are more likely to appear in a line or cluster.

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