Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait – Things You Need To Know

Advion Cockroach gel bait targets all cockroach species, including German (also gel bait-averse), American, Australian, brown, smoky brown, oriental, brown-banded, and Asian cockroaches. This product combines a highly attractive, proprietary gel formulation with a potent, non-repellant active ingredient. 

This combination is too powerful for cockroaches, and even the most stubborn populations are quickly eliminated. One of the most popular cockroach baits on the market. Indoxacarb, the roach poison in Advion, is safe for use even on the most sensitive of application sites. By using Advion in conjunction with cockroach taps, all infestations of cockroaches will be eliminated. 

Features and benefits 

  • A non-repellent formulation is used in high-consumption baits
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Suitable for commercial, residential, and industrial applications
  • A single product that offers superior control while simplifying inventory management
  • Efficacious against all cockroach species, including gel bait-averse cockroaches
  • A high-performing bait matrix is included
  • Controls thoroughly cockroach infestations

Where To Use

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait may be used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings (including warehouses, apartment buildings, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and food storage/handling establishments) as well as in aircraft, trains, ships, and boats.

Target Pests:

In addition to controlling German cockroaches and American cockroaches, Advion is intended to control other types of cockroach infestations.

How to Use Advion Roach Gel in Your Home

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

When using Advion cockroach gel bait, a little goes a long way. Not scoops, not even spoonfuls—we’re talking drops, pea-sized drops, about 0.5 grams at a time.

You can apply tiny amounts of Advion to the surfaces, cracks, and crevices you’re treating with its thin dropper tip.

Using Advion gel is easy:

  • Light to moderate infestations: Spray 1 to 3 drops, about 10 linear feet apart, in all areas where you see cockroaches.
  • Large infestations: Spray three to five drops per 10 linear feet.

Using the application tip, you can drop the bait right into some of the cockroaches’ favorite hiding places-out of reach corners in the kitchen and bathroom, cluttered cupboards, and even tiny holes and cracks.

How long does it take Advion roach gel to work?

Depending on your luck, you’ll notice a change in roach activity within a few days, possibly even hours. Most often, you will notice a dramatic decrease in roach populations within the first week.

Advion roach bait gel eliminates nearly 100 percent of cockroaches within two weeks when used as part of a complete pest control system (more on this soon). Also, you can find Where Do Cockroaches In Car And How To Get Red Them ( Ultimate Guide) now.


Now you can find a number of mode actions.

Target Insects

Indoxacarb is converted upon entering an insect into a new molecule that has insecticidal properties. The process is triggered by enzymes produced by the insect itself.

Non-Target Organisms

In most non-target organisms, Advion Cockroach’s bioactivation process is not as effective, so they are unlikely to be affected by the product.


Because cockroaches adapt quickly, it’s important to rotate gel baits to help manage potential aversion and resistance. As part of a recommended three-month rotation, Optigard® Cockroach Gel Bait, as well as Advion Evolution and Advion Cockroach, can be used. This corresponds to the average life cycle of the German cockroach.

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait Safe for Pets

So long as they do not eat the bait, there should be no problem. Bait should be placed in cabinets, drawers, shelves, etc. where pets cannot access it. It would take a lot of bait for pets to become ill, so it would take a lot of bait for them to get sick. Make sure to place little pea-sized dots of bait. That way, there will not be enough bait to cause issues if they eat it.

According to the Advion Roach Bait Gel SDS:

“Potential Health Effects:

From animal testing, it is expected that skin or eye contact, as well as ingestion, won’t cause any biologically significant effects.”

However, you should still read and follow the product label, as it recommends using the roach bait gel in areas where your pet won’t be able to reach it. You should consult a veterinarian if you see any abnormal behavior or symptoms of sickness.

Review About Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

Here I will try to create a list of reviews of USA people who already use this product to kill roaches.

  •  Junkie: I talked to a cab driver who recommended this to me. I decided to buy it on the spot. When my order arrived, I thought it was weird at first. I didn’t understand why I had to use syringes. But once I figured it out, I used the 4 corner method in every room of my place.

When I tell you roaches were dying, no bug spray could ever do what this stuff did. I have never seen so many bugs in my life. After they all died (it took 3 days). I haven’t seen a roach ever since. It’s been 3 months now.

  • Evelyn S. Behar: So I decided to spend a little more money to try this stuff. That was one week ago. I cleaned my whole kitchen – under & behind the stove and fridge. I cleaned out all drawers and cabinets. I made sure to eliminate all paper and cardboard because roaches love that for some reason. Then I went to town on my kitchen with Advion. Used about 2/3 of a tube in the kitchen, including places 3 dots on index cards to slip under the stove & fridge where I think the problem was concentrated. I’ve seen about a 95% reduction in 7 days. Pretty good. I also just bought a “roach birth control” called Gentrol, which also has amazing reviews, in the hopes that these two products in combination will kill the evil creatures and prevent the stubborn ones from breeding. I’ll try to update this in a couple of weeks to let you know the verdict.
  • Krista G: I’m gonna start by saying we were skeptical. Have tried MANY things that kill a couple but you’re still left with the majority. That being said, this stuff is FANTASTIC!! It has been less than 24 hours and already see a difference. They are sick. You can see them walking weirdly and just falling down and dying. We put this out yesterday evening around 4 pm. Woke up at 4:30 am and the last 2 pictures are the kitchen floor and piece of the countertop. They are dying fast. I honestly never thought I’d see the day! This product is amazing. The second I put it down, you could see the roaches just flock to it. Like it has something in it to attract them to it! The only thing I’m disappointed about is that it goes so quickly. I was hoping to have some to reapply in the next few days to a week. I literally only have 1 tube left and it’ll be used today in some harder time reach places. If you have a stubborn roach problem and have struggled to make them go away, it is definitely worth it to try this gel bait!!

People Ask Question

How do I apply Advion Cockroach gel bait?

A Cockroach gel bait labeled for crack-and-crevice applications indoors, as well as entry points outdoors. The blue cap should be removed from the syringe before application. To apply the gel in smaller cracks and crevices, use the blue applicator tip included in the package.
A small dot or line of gel is sufficient for these applications.

What is the difference between Advion Cockroach gel bait and Advion Cockroach bait arena?

The Advion Cockroach gel bait and Advion Cockroach bait arena formulations contain different sources of sugars and proteins, which attracts cockroaches differently. “The Big 8” allergens are not present in the Adion Cockroach gel bait. Advion Cockroach bait arena consists of a solid paste that is housed in a plastic container, providing protection against contaminants, children, and pets.
Further, the Advion Cockroach bait arena is useful in areas where harsh conditions may compromise gel baits, such as high moisture or humidity, extreme temperatures, or dust. In addition, it can be used in sites that are difficult to service regularly.

Why isn’t Advion Cockroach gel bait working?

It is highly effective against cockroaches to use the Adion Cockroach gel bait. Follow these best practices if cockroach bait consumption or control is not occurring:
Ensure that the gel bait is not contaminated with repellent insecticides, dirt, nicotine, gasoline, or other contaminants
Gel bait should be placed as close as possible to cockroach harborage points
Apply appropriate quantities of gel bait to control the infestation
Reduce or remove competing food sources
Syngenta recommends rotating Advion Cockroach gel bait with Advion Evolution cockroach gel bait and Optigard ® Cockroach gel bait, which contain different types of nutrients, attractants, and/or active ingredients.
View SecureChoice SM Cockroach Assurance Program details, including our Integrated Pest Management Guide, for more information about bait rotation as part of a proven cockroach control method.

What is the shelf life of Advion Cockroach gel bait?

Any product’s shelf life is largely determined by its storage conditions. Temperature and humidity fluctuations should be kept to a minimum when storing a product indoors. Gel baits made from Advion Cockroach can last up to five years under these conditions.

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