About Us

I’m Saif and let me tell you a bit about my skills past. I’ve always done one thing, and one thing only – kill pests. One day when I was sipping on my mind, I asked ourselves one question.

Why should I take everything I know to my grave? Why not create something that will serve as a guide for people like you to kill the pests and protect their homes?

I thought of howkilpests.com when I had that idea. This website is my way of documenting all I know in a way that is accessible to you. By visiting howkilpests.com, you will be able to learn all the tricks and hacks you can use without any prior experience or knowledge to make your home pest-free.

Additionally, I have shared simple pre-emptive steps that you can take to prevent pests from entering your home.

Making your home pest-proof is the best way to get rid of pests. You’ll find everything here.

In addition, you will learn which bugs DIY methods don’t work on, and why. In addition, you will learn which insects require professional pest control services.

I decided to leave you something useful.

In terms of pests, our swan song is about how to kill them. My entire life has been a battle against pestilence, from the toughest of roaches to the slimiest of bugs. It is my hope that my blog will help you to become a lethal pest killer and a protector of your home and property.

I wish you a lot of pest bloodbaths.